2024 Rethink Change Highlights
Elevating Change: Sharon Connolly at Rethink Change
Building an Enterprise Change Management Office – Dr. Temre Green
Kylie Browne: From Documents to Dynamics
Rethink Change 16 & 17 May
ACLI at the ACMP Global Conference!
Agile Change Management Process
Melissa Bialoruski: A journey of change and growth
Rethink Change - Change Management Trends with ‘Three Doctors’.
CMI Networking Breakfast: How to Influence Change without Formal Authority
Change Managers in an AI World: 5 tips
Trauma informed change @ACMP
7 Lessons from Yoga in Managing Change
Amy Leighton, Citizen Journalist at ACMP!
New partnership: The Growth Faculty
Introduction to Agile Change - ACMP Live webinar
How do you change a mindset?
12 Change Readiness factors for Agile Transformation
Introduction to Agile Change Webinars
ChX = Change Experience
The New Way: Introducing Agile Change
Let’s talk about microcredentials
ACLI partners with Culture Amp!
What change strategy for Agile Transformation?
Influencing Change Design: Navigating Nuances and Building Rapport
Building change capabilities with leaders
Why leaders don't lead agile transformation
The inconvenient truth of agile
Recruiting for an Agile Mindset
How do you build change capability?
Continuous engagement
Introduction to Agile
Data informed decision making
Change in an Uncertain World
Visual and Transparent Communication
Welcome Bad Change
Agile Change and Trauma Informed Practice
What is Agile Change Leadership?
Agile Change Management: Definition, Benefits, Examples + More
5 Benefits for Project Managers of an Agile Mindset
Casa de Cambio: The Agile Mindset
What we teach - Human Centred Change
What we teach - Personal Qualities
What we teach - the Agile module
What we teach - the Leadership module
Change is Everybody's Business!
Enabling Agile Change with Arun Pradhan
Our 2022 Retrospective
Change Communication - three perspectives
Why we have success principles!
Deep dive into data informed decision making
7 benefits of micro-learning
Why we focus on capabilities
Beginner's mindset: if you're green you grow...
Of momentum and pause
Agile Australia Day 2!
Introducing the NEW Agile Mindset Course
Five ways to tap into the power of peer-to-peer learning
Hybrid working and our brains!
How do you change a mindset?
7 Principles of Agile Change Management
Navigating change with exploratory leadership
How design thinking nudges your mindset
Change management buzzword bingo
Change Agents v Change Managers
The New Agile Change Manager Certificate
Agile Change Management
What does an agile change manager do?
How do you sustain the change?
How to deal with Change Fatigue
So you want to be a change manager?
Agile Change: What's in a name?
Influencing without formal authority
Out of work and in-between gigs?
Translating Agile for Communicators
Leadership Disrupted!
It’s our birthday!
Agile Change Webinars
Welcoming Melissa Dark!
Finding calm amid chaos
TMR Corporate Cohort kick-off!
Change Communities of Practice
Executive Lean Coffee
70% of change fails: Bollocks!
Where does ACLI fit in with other courses?
QUT Agile Change Adventurers!
Building Agile Change Capability at VMware

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