The Agile Change Leadership Certificate

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Do you want to learn to lead through disruptive change with confidence and calm? We can help you and your organisation build future-fit leaders and change-ready managers with our industry leading Agile Change Leadership Certificate. The unique micro-learning approach means it is brain-friendly for time-poor leaders. You can do the lessons anywhere, anytime. The need for skilled change leaders has never been more urgent. In today’s fast-paced business world, organisations are continually needing to adapt to an increasing volume of change. To add to this, organisations are experiencing challenges when change is mismanaged. This leads to increasing employee turnover, decreased engagement, and ultimately, a negative impact on bottom-line profits.

Modules6 modules (18 x 10-minute micro lesson videos)
Course Duration*Twelve months to complete
TypeOnline, self-paced with feedback
Course Details

Course Overview

This comprehensive, self-paced online program is designed for leaders who want to successfully lead their teams in environments of continuous change. It supplies guided reflection opportunities and offers practical experiments to enable leaders to safely try out their new skills. It’s designed to be consumed over a minimum six-week period to allow enough time for new practices to incubate.

Lead continuous change with confidence and calm.

It’s the perfect leadership development program for an organisation:

  • that needs to ensure busy leaders are fit for current conditions.
  • that is experiencing change overwhelm and change fatigue.
  • that wants to reduce the amount of dedicated change resources.

Leaders build skills by applying learning with workplace experiments in the topics of 3Rs (readiness, resistance, resilience, the 3Cs (community, collaboration, communication), personal qualities, agile, leadership, and human centred change.

There’s a financial and human cost of poorly led change. Leaders don’t have to pay it by feeling panicked or overwhelmed.

18 Topics


  • Copies of our books Hacking for Agile Change and Conversations of Change – a guide for workplace change
  • A digital badge to show your market relevance on LinkedIn
  • Curated readings on each topic
  • Online community

Learning Objectives

  • Understand contemporary ways to address resistance to change.
  • Build a more change resilient team.
  • Ensure your organisation is change ready for any type of change.
  • Create compelling leadership communication.
  • Build a community of change agents to work with you.
  • Shift the culture to one of collaboration.
  • Maximise personal qualities that will make you a better change leader.
  • Integrate agile practices into your leadership style.
  • Be able to employ different leadership approaches for different situations.


  • 18 workplace experiments to complete with reflective write-ups to submit.
  • 60 multiple choice questions (80% pass mark required), multiple attempts permitted.

Time to complete

Approximately 40 hours – 6 x 45-minute videos + time to do the assessment (allow 6 hours per module)


You do need to have led a group of people through change in the past or currently be leading a group of people.

If you are in between roles there are retrospective assessments, you can do.

Contact us for enterprise pricing models and volume discounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is agile leadership?

Agile leadership isn’t just another buzzword. It’s a necessity for leaders or aspiring leaders who are operating in the volatile business landscape of today. It emphasises flexibility, collaboration, and the ability to respond promptly to change. Agile leaders are not only adept at managing transformation but they are also experts at ensuring that their teams remain resilient and adaptable throughout the process.

For immediate access to this change leadership course, simply click the enrol button. Complete your payment and you will immediately have access to the course content. As part of the sign-up process, you will also be asked to provide your postal address so we can send you our books. If you are enrolling a team we will complete this process manually for you, and send out emails to your team with a password-protected link.

This course is self-paced, which means you could complete one module a week and be finished in six weeks if you are highly focused. The total duration of the course will depend on how motivated you are and how much time you have available.

This certified agile leadership course includes six modules. Each module takes about 45 minutes to watch. This course also includes about 7 hours of experiments and assessments to complete in your workplace or at home. You have 12 months to complete the program. You’ll also have access to our exclusive private online community so you’ll have the company of others on the journey. You will have the support of our faculty members and coaches.

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