Let’s ‘Rethink Change’ 2024

This years focus is ‘Rethink’.

This may seem un-original but in an environment of shifting needs, expectations and capabilities the opportunity is for all of us to ‘stop & rethink’.

Many of you know me to be quite decisive. But never let it be said I cannot change my mind 😉

I’m so delighted to be providing the keynote for Rethink Change in Sydney in May!

I’ll be talking (maybe nudging, possible poking) about how easy is it for change practitioners to change their mind, to rethink their approaches, to consider new agile capabilities and practices?

Some of you have it down pat, but others might say not easy at all, that change practitioners can be surprising averse to change.

We’re going to explore why that might be so and how change practitioners can embrace agility in mindset and approach to create greater influence and impact.

Will I see you there? Give me a ‘hands up’ in the comments!


Join us on 16 & 17 May 2024 for the Rethink Change Conference and Pre-conference Masterclasses.

This year we are themed around Rethinking Change – we will challenge all our assumptions, paradigms, mindset and approaches to change.

We are looking forward to welcoming back some speakers from last year with a mix of new speakers. 

There is something for everyone. Some topics that will we will explore include; Elevating Change, Digital, Lean change, Critical thinking, Future trends, Case Studies and so much more.

For more details on who is presenting and the topics visit the Conference & Masterclass Schedule links.

Know more about the conference.