Happy 1st Birthday to us!

This week the Agile Change Leadership Institute turns one!

And with that what better time to run a ‘Retrospective, Introspective, Futurespective‘ – our triple whammy workshop.

Looking back

It’s been an epic year… We’ve:

  • Launched our one day Agile Change Adventurer Program
  • Kicked off 12 monthly cohorts and watched graduates go out and kick some agile change ass
  • We have people from four countries in the program now and from roles as diverse as mining engineers and midwives!
  • We’ve onboarded an additional assessor and distributor of programs to assist in managing workload – Melissa Dark
  • Onboarded two corporate groups using facilitated learning sprints
  • Hosted five senior leadership breakfasts with Momentum Search and Selection to find out what keeps leaders up at night with agile
  • Run corporate community of practice webinars on agile change
  • Run public webinars on agile change
  • Participated in podcasts with Agile Uprising and Casa De Cambio- Been accepted to speak at Agile Australia –
  • And…have our soon to be released ‘The Agile Change Playbook’ at the publishers
  • Sponsored attendees to LAST conference and the Australasian Change Days conference
  • Attended the Business Agility Global Emerging from Crisis conference


Looking inwards

This has been the most intense learning cycle for both of us in some time. Several times we have been faced with “well we’ve never done this before” and had to feel the extreme discomfort of not knowing the best way forward and the making of mistakes in some cases. It’s fair to say from a neuroscience perspective our “status” threat has been triggered more than once. That said open communication, a lot of care and compassion, and the willingness to respect each other’s energy levels has really helped with that.

Having a good understanding of each other’s strengths has also made role clarity and division of labour quite easy! We have lived and breathed an agile and explorers mindset daily.

If we look at why we were able to do so much in the first year – part of it was it was so much fun. The hours spent on the business outside 9-5 were not an impost. We were also very good at doing quarterly retros and working out what we had to STOP doing, and where we needed to put our focus into.

I think that both of us having our own consulting business external to the Agile Change Leadership Institute meant that it tempered the inclination to overwork. We had multiple children to attend to and that meant that our joint child did not get over parented!

Looking forward

  • The launch of the new Agile Change Playbook has us both REALLY excited – this effectively gives us the opportunity to scale the knowledge in the Agile Change Adventurer workshop.
  • We’re also about to kick off with the Agile Change Adventurer community for those who have joined us on that journey.
  • In 2021 we’ll also launch the next level Certificate program – a 14 week program with coaching and learning sprints run quarterly.
  • We plan to make the certificate program on demand – you won’t need to wait until the next cohort kicks off.
  • We’ve got a backlog of ideas for new modules.
  • And both of us are keen to invest in ourselves a bit more and do some more formal training / education.