Exciting news!

If you have been following Michelle Teunis Brains on Change series you will understand why we are so thrilled to announce a new partnership and a new course coming soon!

If you have followed Lena Ross and Dr Jen Frahm for a while, you will know that they are big advocates of applied neuroscience.

It makes PERFECT SENSE then that the three have come together to create the ultimate brain-friendly micro-credential: Brain-Friendly Change. This is a one-of-a-kind offering!

This 2 hour, 12 micro-lesson on demand course will include curated reading, handouts, downloadable templates and of course a digital badge.

One of the hallmarks of our courses is turning theory into practical action in a short period of time and this will be no different.

We’ll show you how to:

✅ Design change experiences that ignite momentum and influence.
✅ Prevent ineffective change and safeguard against change fatigue.
✅ Achieve unparalleled cut-through in the age of information overload.

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