We take our learning seriously. And so should you!

You have probably noticed a flurry of activity on LinkedIn with people showcasing their latest digital badge, which is often a mircocredential. It signals to the market and to your peers that you are committed to ongoing learning. By definition, a microcredential is a course completed in a short time frame in a specific area of learning.

But wait…there’s a catch…

As microcredentials are unregulated, it’s easy for training providers to go ‘rogue’. This means that many providers issue badges for course attendance only. Others are provided by facilitators with little or no credibility or relevant industry experience. The quality of content and delivery vary a great deal, resulting in an inconsistent learner experience.  It’s important to be curious and see what lies beneath each badge.

Not just a pretty badge!

While these credentials remain unregulated, there are best practice standards outlined in the Australian National Microcredentials Framework. After reviewing this resource, we can confirm that we meet the recommended principles in the delivery of our online credentials:

Outcome Based We clearly state our overall learning outcomes and what is expected to successfully complete these outcomes with an assessment.
Driven by Industry Need Our content is carefully designed to address specific skills that known capability gaps in the market. Our set of learning principles ensure that our delivery and content are learner-centric and brain-friendly.
Support Lifelong Learning We support lifelong learning with options ranging from very short programs to more lengthy ones, to address varied learning needs.
Transparent and Accessible All our microcredentials provide information to the earner and the market in general about our learning outcomes, mode of delivery, expected effort, content and the nature of the assessment required for successful completion.

Our people can learn anytime, from anywhere.

We are proud that we create, deliver and curate learning content so you can earn a high quality microcredential. Check out our courses here.

You can download our  Our Statement of Commitment Microcredentials



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