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Change Management Training Programs

Step into a dynamic learning arena with our specialised change management training programs. Our programs are specifically curated to foster a robust and versatile change capability across entire organisations.

Unlock Change Skills With Change Management Training

Unlike conventional courses, our programs are designed to be immersive and interactive, conducted in live learning environments that facilitate real-time engagement and collaboration. These programs are flexible and customisable and are available to complete both online and in person. We can also accommodate enterprise-level participation with groups of over 100 individuals.

In our programs, we aim to create cohesive and cross-functional learning communities, which ensure a personalised and focused learning experience. By integrating diverse perspectives across organisational silos, our programs unleash the power of collective insight and shared understanding when learning about change and agility, fortifying an organisation-wide baseline of strong, adaptable change capability.

Leadership Disrupted transcends traditional change leadership programs. We want leaders to be able to thrive amidst uncertainty and disruption. Designed for high-level executives and leaders, Leadership Disrupted is more than just a leadership training program.

This pioneering program is designed to build change acumen, fostering a universally resilient and adaptable organisational environment.

Your Program Creators

Our programs are created by Lena Ross and Dr Jen Frahm, the founders of the Agile Change Leadership Institute. Both Lena and Jen bring a wealth of experience as seasoned change consultants and facilitators. Their extensive background involves delivering transformative change and cultivating change capability across a diverse array of organisations, ranging from government to commercial sectors including finance and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your courses and your programs?

Our programs are delivered in a live learning environment. Our courses are offered online while our programs can also be delivered in person, ideally in mid to large-sized groups, for a more immersive learning experience that caters to your organisation’s exact specifications. These programs can also be customised according to your organisation’s needs.

We can accommodate very large groups and organisations but ideally, each session will have a maximum of 20 people in a group. Participants can be from all levels across your whole organisation. The number of sessions you need will be dictated by how many people you want to have a strong level of change capability within your organisation.

For very large groups or organisations, we simply break training sessions down into smaller groups to ensure that each participant receives personalised attention. For large groups of over 100 people, we can also personalise your training, if required. Contact us to find out more.

Having participants from various parts of the organisation provides diverse perspectives and leads to collaborative learning. It breaks down silos, encouraging cross-functional collaboration. Better still, it amplifies the collective understanding and application of change management principles and practices across your organisation.

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