Reading, (w)riting, (a)rithmetic right? (umm technically that’s 4 Rs)

Well that’s what we were taught back in the day.

Today’s fast paced challenging context of continuous change requires a very different version of the 3 Rs

Resistance, Readiness and Resilience.

That’s what we cover in the 3 R module in the Certificate of Agile Change Leadership Certificate.

Most leaders want to get a handle on change resistance and so we cover the historical origins of change resistance and how we should be addressing it now – because things have changed! Simply put, resistance is a gift, it’s a data point for us to consider and feedback on your change efforts. The level of change resistance you experience is in inverse proportion to the level of stakeholder engagement you do.

We do find that a leader’s time is better spent on change readiness – and there’s a few dimensions of change readiness to consider. Just because you are ready in one area doesn’t mean it smooth sailing ahead. We teach you some tricks to getting a handle on the level of change readiness quickly.

And finally, change resilience is a foundation element of leading agile change. If you have not done the work to understand what are the resilience practices that assist you in maintaining equilibrium in times of constant uncertainty, then you will struggle with leading change. The best bit about the content in the change resilience unit is its not just for you – you can introduce it to your teams and see an uplift at an organisational level.

Like all our modules there are 10 questions to answer and a set of experiments to run on all three topics with results to write up and submit for assessment. At the risk of offering a spoiler, the change readiness experiment always yields a surprise for enrollees!

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