A couple of years ago, in between Covid lockdowns, our co-founder Lena Ross spent time with Arun Pradhan from Model Thinkers to talk about Enabling Agile Change.

Lena talks about moving beyond traditional change management models and frameworks to deliver change in agile and uncertain business environments. Most conventional, step-by-step change approaches have served us well, and in some stable environments, they continue to play a role in change planning and delivery. Knowledge of these models and practices is valuable as underpinning knowledge for the change practitioner.

While we hear a great deal about the need to shift to more adaptive ways to deliver change that promote deeper engagement and co-creation, many practitioners are left asking ‘how do I start?’.

In this 26-minute podcast, Lena shares her experiences and tips on practical activities you can apply from various disciplines such as agile, lean, design thinking and brain science in response to these thoughtful questions:

What are people using in traditional change management? (3:30)
Lena’s Sushi Train metaphor makes an appearance here!

How might you ‘right size’ your change effort? (7.50)

What are some of the big inspirations for you? (8.40)

With journey maps, are they more helpful than personas? (10.35)

What are your tips for user journey maps? (11.27)

What other models are you using in your work? (13.46)

In this segment, Lena explains the two key benefits of leaders knowing more about brain science and the SCARF model.

Tell us more about psychological safety (19.06)

A journey map is linear. How do you balance a ‘linear tool’ with taking people on a ‘journey’? (20.27)

Tell us about your model of organisational agility (23:00)


The models Lena refers to in her podcast also feature on the Model Thinkers website:

  • Persona
  • Journey Mapping
  • Psychological Safety
  • Design Thinking
  • SCARF Model