Leadership development for the disrupted!

There’s no doubt about it. Leadership has been disrupted. In times of extreme uncertainty we need new ways of leading and this means new forms of leadership development.

As we emerge from crisis, we enter a vulnerable time when we may revert to older practices.

It’s also a unique opportunity to capture what we learned from a period of crisis where we experienced imposed change along with rapid decision making and adoption.

Which path will you take?

And which approach will best equip you to navigate a climate of increased complexity and ambiguity?

From the conversations we are having with leaders of organisations, these are the types of questions and concerns being faced. Leadership development needs to address these questions and concerns.

So we’ve created our 3Xspectives workshop to help provide clarity and nudge mindsets, behaviours and practices. The 3Xspectives are: Retrospective, Introspective and Futurespective.

It’s run over three 2-hour sessions – with time in between to do self- assessments, experiments and reflect on the outcomes.