A deeper dive into the AGILE module of the Certificate of Agile Change Leadership

As the new year is underway, we are seeing teams and cohorts joining our Certificate of Agile Change Leadership Program. This program leads to a digital credential and is designed to build your leadership confidence and capability in business environments of deep uncertainty.

It’s no surprise that one of the six modules we cover in this online program is AGILE. Like all the modules, AGILE comprises three topics: Fail Fast and Feedback, Minimum Viable Product and Done is Better Than Perfect. 

This module was developed for the busy manager, leader, change practitioner or project manager who needs a quick immersion into how to lead differently.

Let’s dive into what these learning topics cover:

Fail Fast and Feedback

We’ve been conditioned to believe that failure is the opposite to success. Find out why we need to fail to succeed, and how this mantra is being used to support innovation and change in organisations.

Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product, often called MVP, is commonly used by lean start-ups. We explore the broader application of this useful practice in all organisations to gather useful feedback faster and act on it.

Done is Better Than Perfect

Sometimes perfection can paralyse action. This learning topic covers more on taking the approach of ‘done is better than perfect’, and how it nudges us out of inertia and into a culture of iteration and progress.

To successfully complete this certificate, leaders carry out experiments in their workplace and reflect on their insights and learnings. Reading these submissions is always heart-warming – it’s one of the most rewarding parts of what we do!

As they share their experiences with candour, we are constantly amazed by the courage and vulnerability shown when people shift from the comfort zone to the learning zone.

And it’s not just us as the course instructors! After completing the program, our leaders tell us this shift was transformational for them and how they lead.


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