Anyone who has been following the work we do in the Agile Change Leadership Institute knows that our teaching is built around capabilities, not process nor methodology.

If you build your agile change capabilities in continuous engagement, data informed decision making and visual and transparent communication you will be delivering change faster, and with fewer resources.

Lighter, easier, and much more effective change practice.

Which is why in our webinars, online courses, and the Agile Change Playbook, we refer to Culture Amp as best in class with their people science and powerful technology platform for enabling continuous engagement, data informed decision making and visual and transparent communications.

Now Lena Ross and I are very, very excited to share that we have joined Culture Amp’s partner ecosystem. We absolutely love the features that make it easy to “measure as you go” AND the flexibility in the tools.

Together we are building a better workplace.

We couldn’t be more proud!  If you want to know more, do let us know.

About Culture Amp.

Culture Amp is the world’s most trusted Employee Experience platform – that’s helped over 6,000 companies connect with employees in real-time to understand what matters, take action, and support their people. Our mission is to build a better world of work that positively impacts 100 million people by helping companies to put culture first. 

How we help organizations 

Bringing together pioneering people science and powerful technology, Culture Amp allows you to collect, decipher and connect data throughout the employee experience to truly understand your organization’s people and guide you on the best actions to drive positive behavior change and lasting impact. This allows you to preserve what’s great about your culture, strengthen what isn’t, and improve performance for sustained competitive advantage. We live in a world where the ability to understand and influence culture at scale is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but a ‘necessary-to-survive’. 

What sets Culture Amp apart? 

Platform: Culture Amp’s solutions help organizations develop a holistic understanding of employee experience where engagement, performance management and manager development co-exit

Expertise: Culture Amp’s approach is rooted in science and I/O psychology and incorporated throughout the product and design. Our in-house people scientists and success coaches closely partner with customers to guide on strategy, change management, and long-term program success. 

Community: Culture Amp’s commitment to being culture first and cultivating a global community can be experienced by joining our community of 100,000+ people leaders, participating in local chapters, engaging with our wide range of resources, or attending of our many educational events. 

Innovation: pioneered the development of micro learning within the flow of work