A member of one of the Change Management professional associations on a discussion board recently asked if anyone had heard of the Agile Change Leadership Institute (ACLI).

Fair question – we’re pretty young, only four years old.

Another member replied and made the statement it seems to be ‘just two people.’

It was useful feedback on our positioning in particular the fact that Lena and I had not done a particularly decent job of sharing our growth story from when we were ‘just two people.’ To be fair starting a company just before a pandemic has made for a fast and furious ride!

So, permit me the opportunity …

ACLI is not ‘just two people.’ It’s a network of highly skilled and experienced practitioners like Julieanne Dimitrios, Helen Reed, Melissa Dark, Trudi Boatright and Dan Paulet who work with us as facilitators, assessors, and delivery partners. We are actively looking for more to keep up with demand in North America, Europe, and the UK.

ACLI is not ‘just two people.’ It’s backed by professional legal, accounting, technology, admin, and marketing teams who keep us growing globally and meeting student expectations.

ACLI is not ‘just two people.’ It’s made up of incredible clients across multiple industries who trust us to put hundreds of their people through our courses.

ACLI is not ‘just two people.’ It’s composed of savvy students and alumni who provide us feedback on early releases of courses and content and put in the work to transform the world of change management.

ACLI is not ‘just two people.’ It’s support teams of family, partners and close friends who cheer for us, hold us honest, and expect the best of us.

ACLI is not ‘just two people’ – it’s a community – our success is sustained by everyone of YOU who has liked, shared, or engaged with our posts or emails. Thank you.

ACLI did start as ‘just two people,’ granted.

It’s now in 26 countries, having impact in over 110 companies and helping leaders to navigate continuing disruptive change and change managers to be job ready.

We promise to do a better job of keeping you up to date with our growth as it continues – AND you can help us out with liking, loving, laughing, commenting on, or sharing this post 😉