We are excited to invite you to join us for a panel discussion on trends in change management, hosted by Rethink Change. Our panel features three experts in change and transformation who will share their insights and expertise on topics such as AI, Agile, hybrid & remote working, digital tools, leadership strategies, organisational capabilities, and practitioner competency.
This free webinar will take place on Wednesday 27 March from 6-7pm on Zoom. This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of change management and learn from some of the leading experts in the field.
We look forward to your participation and to engaging with you in a stimulating discussion. Please click here or on the link below to secure your spot.
Thank you for considering our invitation. We hope to see you online at the event!
Panel Speakers:

  • Dr Jen Frahm – Managing Director and Co-founder of the Agile Change Leadership Institute
  • Dr Jess Tayel – Change & transformation global leader and Founder of People of Transformation
  • Dr Temre Green -General Manager Change Management, Seven Consulting

Facilitated by Lisa Carlin – Strategy Execution Specialist
If you want to hear more from these thought leaders, please join us at the Rethink Change Conference on 16-17 May 2024 in Sydney and online.


More on our panel and facilitator:  

Dr Jen Frahm – Managing Director and Co-founder of the Agile Change Leadership Institute.  Linkedin
Dr Jen Frahm is the co-founder of The Agile Change Leadership Institute and builds change capability in organizations. She is a global expert on organisational change, communication and transformation, three times published author, a tamer of ambiguity, speaker of truths and solver of problems. A sought-after speaker she is known for being at the frontier of business agility and change.

Dr Jess Tayel – Change & transformation global leader and Founder of People of Transformation.  LinkedIn 
Jess is recognised as a global thought leader in Change Leadership, Transformation and Strategy Execution with over 25 years of experience.  She has enabled and delivered change in Apple, Google, World Cup, ABN Amro, Emirates, Airbus, Macquarie and others.  She is the founder of the People of Transformation community and the Go-To Leader Program dedicated to high-performing change & transformation leaders. Jess is also an executive coach and Mentor to C-level and change leaders worldwide.

Dr Temre Green -General Manager Change Management, Seven Consulting.  LinkedIn
Temre is an award winning leader with over 20 years’ experience across change management, management consulting, leadership and general management. Temre has designed, planned and delivered change programs – with budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars – that were driven by a range of factors, such as digital innovation, growth, compliance, regulations, restructures and economic downturns.  Temre has built and led robust in-house Change Management functions (managing 50 CMs) in the past, and she recently launched the Change Management Practice at Seven Consulting, which specialises in Project Management, Change Management and PMO across Sydney, Melbourne and Manila with 120 employees.

Lisa Carlin – Strategy Execution Specialist.  LinkedIn
Lisa  is a strategy execution specialist and co-founder of FutureBuilders Group, a network of Organisational Development specialists.  She started her career with McKinsey and Accenture. Since 1999, she has worked directly with prestigious global clients, through to Australian corporates, government and high tech ventures. She works with leaders to turbocharge their transformation, projects and change.