Our 3 Cs module covers change communication, community and collaboration with a splash of co-creation. Yes, this does unnerve those who are after precision. Is it 3.5 C? Possibly…

Our change communication unit often surprises leaders who think they have a strong handle on it. This is because most leaders are used to “monologic change communication” as best practice. But when it comes to leading change in continuous change and business agility environments you need to skilled in using dialogue and creating communicative opportunities for sense making.

With the shift in power in contemporary organisational context, comes a much stronger focus on community and networks. This is one of our favourite units as it opens up such strong potential for sustainable change. Many leaders tell us its actually a relief when they realise its not just down to them. We share some of the key concepts in Luc Galoppins work on social architecture in this module.

And then we cover the power of collaborating and co-creating in change. Again, this takes a bit of a leap of faith for leaders. They have to ‘let go’  to let others in and share the power – but having taken the risk they often find that the results speak for themselves. One of our favourite things to share in this unit is ‘Working Loud” – its often a powerful game changer.

The assessment experiments in this module are really valuable and applied.  Yhey are not adding to your workload, they are guiding you through the way you work in a different way and asking you to reflect on the outcomes. Graduates report this is one of the units that transforms the way they work permanently and for the better.

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