The ACMP Global conference is the annual must attend event for the change community. The opportunity to speak at it is very competitive with hundreds of submissions received.

This year’s theme is The Future of Change Is Now

From artificial intelligence and machine learning, to virtual reality and wearable technology, to autonomous cars and robotics, what we once used to think of as “the future” is already here. How do advancements and world events impact change management? Whether it is learning to navigate a post-Covid world, to changing work environments, to the latest in CM best practices, it is important that we stay one step ahead. How can you stay on top of new trends and techniques? When “the future” is now, are you fully prepared to address it, while anticipating the impact of further advances?

Change Management Global Connect offers live and on-demand virtual sessions from global though leaders in seven robust educational tracks, including Psychology & Neuroscience, Data Analytics, Culture & Diversity, Trends & Innovation, Professional Growth & Leadership, Critical Change Foundations and our Featured Tracks, “The Future of Change is Now”. With unexpected change and new advances around every corner, “The Future of Change is Now” will equip you with the tools and training needed to embrace and succeed in our modern world—and beyond.This

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that we have had TWO acceptances in the on demand track over June 11-13  of the ACMP Global Conference.

Dr Jen Frahm will be speaking on the Post Pandemic Brain 👉 With the increase in neurodiversity, the increase in trauma impacted audiences, and the increase in both volume and speed of change we need to design and deliver brain friendly change. This talk looks at the three shifts and ways to support.

And then Julieanne Dimitrios  And Dr Jen will be speaking on The Change Experience (ChX): Beyond Change Management where they introduce ChX and cover:

✴ Why does it matter?
✴ How do you design it?
✴ How do you measure it?
✴ Principles of ChX
✴ How it takes us beyond change management.

Who’s coming? Hands up in the comments!