Wait what? Isn’t all change human centred? 

Sadly not. It’s why we make it a focus when it comes to leading agility and transformation in our Certificate of Agile Change Leadership.

Let us explain …

Design Thinking, also known as Human Centred Design – helps us think differently. Couple this with a deeper understanding of how all types of change in organisations is about people, and you are on a path to being an agile leader.

When we consider Design Thinking as a leadership and change capability, it can be defined as a solution focussed and human-centred approach to create the future for customers and employees.

One of the six modules in our Certificate of Agile Change Leadership – Human Centred Change – shows leaders how to apply practices from Design Thinking to do this with these three learning topics:

Psychological Safety

Employees will do their best work in an environment where they feel it’s safe to speak out without fear of criticism, ask questions and experiment. We cover the research on psychological safety and how it promotes high performance and employee engagement, setting a positive climate for change and change resilience.

Personas and People

A persona is a practice borrowed from Design Thinking that is valuable and can be applied in all organisations. We share how to use personas to build empathy and unlock insights that will improve the overall employee experience and productivity.

Employee Journeying

Find out how using another Design Thinking tool, such as the employee journey map, helps you create human-centred change that is more likely to stick! The actual process of journey mapping takes you beyond processes to a truly people-centric approach that provides a safe forum for people to express what they thinking and how they are feeling.

Through experiments, you will see these see how these practices:

💡 Open meaningful conversations

💡 Create forums for more co-creation

💡 Challenge assumptions through the lens of a proven human-centred framework

💡 Nudge others (and yourself) to think differently about business problems and people

We’ve seen amazing results from leaders who have completed our Certificate Program. Most have told us that they have successfully introduced these practices and found interesting insights as well as engaged in conversations that would not have otherwise occurred. We are also excited to see that a couple of our course clients introduced initiatives in their organisations such as “Design Thinking Week” to further embed awareness of human centred change.

Is it time to bring a little more from Design Thinking into your leadership approach?

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