Change Is Everybody’s Business
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Change Is Everybody’s Business

Change can have a heavy toll on organisations, especially when it impacts mental health, employee engagement, and, ultimately, turnover. Navigating the tides of change requires more than specialised knowledge. It requires collective change capability across all organisational levels. In our modern world, agility is essential, and the concept of change transcends functional boundaries and hierarchies. That means that “Change is Everybody’s Business”.

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Course Overview

The storm is the norm!
You don’t all have to be accountants.
You do all need to have financial acumen.
The same goes for change and agility.
Change is everybody’s business!

This pioneering enterprise program is designed to build confidence and capability in knowing what tools to use at what point of the change journey and understand the type of mindset changes that support ‘Change-as-Usual’. At the end of the session, participants from all levels of the organisation will have a common language to support the embedding of change. The program is created for middle managers, team leaders, executives and people from all functions.

It’s four fast packed hours of content, application and reflection.

Our program features tailored content, practical application, and reflective learning, delivered in a live learning environment. You have the flexibility of both online and in-person sessions, according to your preferences.

Ideally, it’s a maximum of 20 people to a group and with participants across your whole organisation. The number of sessions is dictated by how many people you want to baseline a strong level of change capability.

There’s an exponential power in connecting people across the silos when talking about change and agility!

We use 3 x 10-minute breaks between 45 minute sprints to create and maintain energy in each block. These workshops focus on capability and are methodology agnostic. This means they complement prior training with PROSCI or other agility / project management frameworks.

A sample structure:

All participants are provided with a copy of Lena Ross’s Change Management: The Essentials.

We can provide an online exam for your participants to take to embed the learning and receive a digital Change is Everybody’s Business badge to display on their LinkedIn profile and highlight to the market your company’s commitment to continuous development.

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A 10 minute online video clip which Prepares the audience with self- awareness on how we experience change differently and why. Participants are provided with a self-assessment and a one-page pre reading.

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A Highly interactive 45 minute learning sprint on the power of the agile mindset to generate energy around the learning content and promote self-awareness through the use of chat and questioning.

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Participants are provided with a downloadable tool kit to practise on while guided with live demonstration in two power packed 45-minute learning sprints. Which change tools will you choose?

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Using an online platform such as Lean Coffee or Slido ask the group which areas they want to focus on for discussion. Contextualise what they have learnt and explore the implications for their roles and how they can use the tools and knowledge going forward.

Why Complete This Program On Change?

This program can help individuals and organisations to:

  • Bust silos and improve cross-departmental collaboration.
  • Understand the impacts of change and why we experience it differently.
  • Sharpen skills in delivering change, particularly in agile environments.
  • Learn to apply change tools in specific scenarios.
  • Strengthen change adaptability.
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