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Place their trust in Agile Change Leadership Institute’s experienced trainers to help them lead high-volume change at speed.

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Are trained by our engaging facilitators with in-depth real-world industry experience.


Our Agile Change Leadership and Change Management books and scorecards reach 29 countries all over the world – and counting.

ACLI solves three core problems

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We know that poorly planned and implemented change costs organisations big dollars – these costs can be financial costs (e.g., high burn rate on delayed projects or bringing in expensive resources to ‘fix’ change gone wrong); market costs (e.g., being slow to market with new products or dealing with large volumes of customer complaints); and people costs (e.g., high turnover and decreased employee performance).

We help build change capability across the organisation, so that organisations can better plan and implement changes and not incur unnecessary costs.

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With the additional pressures of a pandemic and external crises, we’re facing an epidemic of unskilled leaders of change. Operational managers and leaders are thrust into transformational roles with no training or background in change – leaders tell us they can often feel panicked, out of control, and some fear irrelevant.

We help change leaders build the personal qualities required to successfully lead continuous change by providing them with tools and techniques to lead their people with calm and confidence.

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We also know that organisations just don’t have enough dedicated change resources to handle the volume of changes that are being introduced, and those change resources are overworked and overwhelmed.

We help change managers sharpen their toolkit and work with impacted stakeholders to support change that sticks.

At ACLI, we’re not just instructors

Our expert team has first-hand experience ‘in the trenches’ and understands the exact challenges that teams like yours face. This means that we can offer you the latest insights and strategies to overcome them. We are continuous learners, always evolving within the relentlessly changing landscape of leadership and change management. We’re committed to empowering you to innovate and do things differently, ensuring that you’re informed and ready to take decisive action – no matter what the future might bring.

Our innovative approach is built on the back of the latest knowledge and industry insights, which means that you’ll always be ahead of the game. We have crafted our courses to shape change managers and business leaders for agile environments, providing them with the tools and confidence to constantly adapt, thrive, and lead.

We want to help you take action in real time, turning every new challenge into an opportunity. With ACLI, we don’t just teach you facts, figures, and principles. We give you real-world practical skills that give you the courage to lead with confidence, courage, and a fresh perspective.

Our Principles of Success

Principles Of Success


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Our mission is to equip every leader to feel in control, confident and calm when it comes to disruptive change.

We want to prepare every change manager to be job-ready for agile environments, ensuring that they are primed to face challenges and seize any opportunities that come their way.

Learn more about who we are

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At ACLI, our vision is to help businesses to embrace change. We welcome an era where leaders are agile and adaptive in the face of change. We want to work towards a future where change skills are second nature, propelling organisations to flourish, despite a constantly changing world.

We want a future where change is everybody’s business.

Learn more about who we are.


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It should be no surprise that a business that advocates for change and agility holds progressive values.

We value curiosity, flexibility, safety, and empowerment.

We are committed to diversity in all domains. We’re firm believers that when you know better, you do better, and we welcome feedback on how we might need to update our language, practices, materials and resources to be more inclusive.

Acknowledgement Of Country

Acknowledgeent Of Country

The Agile Change Leadership Institute is headquartered on Wurundjeri Woi- Wurrung land, in Naarm, of the Kulin Nation. We cannot talk of change and agility without considering the legacy of a living culture of some 60,000 years, and the cycles that occur on our land and waters. We honour and pay our respects to the Elders, both past and present and extend that respect to all Indigenous persons across the land.

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