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Case Studies

Melissa B

Melissa Bialoruski, a leader’s view

As a facilitator and leader of change with over 25 years’ experience with an Undergraduate and master’s degree in the space and other professional qualifications, I did question if I would I derive sufficient value from the time and cost investment in this program. As I delved into the content and embarked on the experiments...

Group People Working Out Business Plan Office

Federal Agency Goes Full Tilt at Building Change Capability

One of our Federal Agencies has had great success with our programs and content. They enrolled a team of five in the Agile Change Management Certificate Program and used Jen and Lena to coach the team as a group. They then adapted our Agile Change Principles to be the foundation of the Agency’s approach to...

Nab Change Team Peer Based Learning Success Img

NAB Change Team Peer Based Learning Success 

In 2023 pioneering Head of Change Joanna Wilson took full advantage of the team discount and our internal Facilitator’s Guide to take her team through the Agile Change Manager Certificate in learning sprints Her LinkedIn post speaks for itself! Congratulations to the members of the NAB Merchant Services Change Chapter who recently completed their Agile...

networked australia

A full-scale change immersion at NBN

Early 2022 NBN’s capability team reached out seeking to build change capability with the program management function and the operations functions. This led to the early testing of the Change is Everybody’s Business program. Phase One As a learning primer, participants were provided with a 10-minute video on how our brains handle change. Phase Two...

Aps Bank

APS Bank of Malta develops an agile mindset

The small but mighty APS Bank of Malta reached out early 2021 about how to build an agile mindset with 150 of their managers. This led to a three-phase approach from Lena and Jen. Phase One A customised 60-minute video was created in collaboration with the APS People and Culture team. This set the scene...

2019 Vmware

VMware Global HR goes agile

In late 2018 Lena Ross received an email from VMWare’s Chief of Staff for HR. They were on the journey of agile transformation and wanted help with figuring out how to educate and infuse agility and change capability into their HR Leadership teams. This led to a three phased approach from Lena and Jen. Phase...

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