In our leadership module of the Certificate of Agile Change Leadership we teach three approaches

Let’s dive deeper…

New ways of working need new ways of leading

When we created the certificate program in 2019, we did so with the mantra that that new ways of working in uncertain environments relies on new ways of leading. While all six modules in our Certificate program are designed to help leaders develop their capability to navigate agile and complex business landscapes, there is one module dedicated to Leadership.

In this module, we explore three  approaches to leading that support agile ways of working:

  1. Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive leadership inspires and helps people adapt in times of great uncertainty. We cover why and how leaders cannot do their job alone, and need to identify adaptive challenges (as opposed to technical challenges) and how they are best solved by many, rather than one.

  1. Distributed Leadership

    Distributed leadership is a style that is comfortable with sharing and collaboration, nicely aligned to an emerging business climate of ‘new power’ where work and decisions are shared, are peer-driven and participatory.

  2. Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is based on the premise that to be a good leader, one must first be a good servant. This is the leadership approach that is most often referenced by Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches.


The difference in the three approaches

You may be wondering about the differences between these three approaches?

While they all equip leaders with insights on how to lead agile change and transformation, there are subtle differences between each approach. It’s a blend of the three that enable the leader to be agile and future-fit. However, all three styles often require a shift in thinking and for many leaders, as this represents letting go of previous leadership approaches that once served them well in more stable environments.

To explain these briefly, we’ve created this one page visual:

An infographic depicting the three approaches to leadership

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