Look who’s joined the Agile Change Leadership Institute Bookstore. It’s the must-have change comic book – Bad Change: 50 ways change doesn’t work and 266 tips to make things better!

The 50 comics are meant to make you laugh and chuckle in recognition of Bad Change, while the 266 tips are meant to show you how to do the opposite and help you get better outcomes across various challenges in leadership, communication, delivery, readiness and strategy for Change.

We’re all about keeping change practitioners on their toes and at the front of their practice, so it makes perfect sense to add Bad Change by Peter Phan and Gilbert Kruidenier to the library.

And if you’re in Australia, you can now get the dynamic duo – Bad Change AND the Agile Change Playbook for a super bundled price of $85 + GST

Outside Australia, you can find Bad Change in all of the online bookstores JUST like the Agile Change Playbook.

Better still, for every copy sold, Peter and Gilbert will be donating $9 to the National Homeless Collective and we’ll match that. That means $18 per book will go to charity so get your orders in ASAP 😍

Welcome Bad Change!