If you are familiar with the platinum calibre of Growth Faculty speakers (Brene Brown, Jim Collins, Adam Grant, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton), you will understand how proud we are to have been invited to provide a masterclass for Growth Faculty customers and community. To be recognised as one of their providers in leadership development is an incredible honour.  

The Growth Faculty offers an incredible line up of Leadership development at a very affordable membership rate. We’re constantly dipping into the library for on demand talks as inspiration. 

Our first masterclass will be for those in the Northern Hemisphere, 28th February.

We are covering:

Agile Leadership: Navigating change and the unknown

🌟 Why extreme uncertainty requires different change leadership

🌟 Your own learnings on your personal experiences with unplanned change and imposed change

🌟 Insights into common, hardwired responses to change

🌟 How to build awareness and empathy for how people experience change differently

If you’re a Growth Faculty member you can register here (and find out more if you are thinking of becoming one).