Introducing the Sustain the Change© DIY Toolkit!

One of the biggest challenges many clients face is how to sustain the major changes like shifting to an agile culture and embedding new ways of working!

We’ve found that embedding and sustaining change can take as much work in design as the initial lead up to and launch of go-live or installation of the new ways of working.

That’s why we have created a unique Do It Yourself Tool Kit to help you embed change and agility. This kit will save you weeks of work and help make the change stick!

You can roll out the elements at your pace with timeframes to align with your organisation’s objectives. There’s also the ability to customise with your brand colours and fonts. The content is repeatable and scalable to ensure you achieve ROI on your change efforts.

What’s in the Sustain the Change© DIY Toolkit?

You’ll receive over 120 elements to this kit that include:

Tools – checklists and canvases, e.g. commitment, experiments

Change Integrations – practices that shift behaviours, e.g. social contracts, developing team agile principles.

Conversation Guides – to kick off meaningful discussions and promote awareness.

Method Cards – how-to guides on activities to promote agility and agile ways of working, e.g. How to run a Lean Coffee Session

Over 100 Change Nudges – unique micro content design to

Your Wild Card! Tell us your pain point and we will design something especially for you.

Sound interesting?

Reach out to Dr Jen Frahm or Lena Ross for details and examples of what is provided, pricing  and organisational licensing.