Our new enterprise learning offering – Change is Everybody’s Business –is a mixture of real-time learning and online learning. We know that lots of people like a bit of ‘hybrid learning’ .

The pain

Over the last few years or so, a few challenges in the workplace have become obvious:

  • continuous and relentless change,
  • deeper uncertainty and
  • leaner resources to handle the change
  • a thirst for increased agility

Leaders at all levels are tasked with introducing change with new processes and legislative reforms often resulting in different ways of working. But all types of change, regardless how small or technical, impacts people in some way. Many of these changes, often smaller in terms of budget, are delivered without a dedicated change practitioner.

But the people charged with landing the change  are busy! They’re operations managers, team leaders, General Managers and busy executives. They have a lot on their plate BEFORE they think about being accountable for change!

The fix!

We carefully designed this four hour enterprise learning program to support this group of people.

They learn HOW to:

  • Save on the cost of change by doing this the right way, at the right time, and with the right resources.
  • Confidently use five simple change tools to work for them, instead of adding to their work load
  • Leverage the tools to engage in a meaningful way, beyond telling people by sending an email

Self-awareness is a powerful thing in leading, delivering and sponsoring change! 

In this program they:

  • Learn about the five mindset shifts that support continuous change and agility
  • Find out how small shifts in mindset can make a big difference
  • Have a real time guided play with five change tools
  • Have better clarity on their role and accountabilities

The payoff!

Past participants tell us at the the end of the session they feel:

  • More confident
  • More capable
  • More calm
  • And ready to save the organisation the cost of bad change and low agility!

Actually, we find that the participants have often started using the tools and reached out to team members in the breaks. Its immediate application!

The Change is Everybody’s Business program roadmap

Regardless of what change models or frameworks are in place, or have been learned before, we ensure that our content is methodology agnostic so it complements any prior training in change management or project management. This is an ideal way to equip your teams with the tools and capability to deliver change.

Change is Everybody's Business

Fun Fact: Many leaders tell us they are too busy to attend! At the end of the session, they tell us they feel relieved and reassured that planning a little change activity early saves a LOT of grief later on. After the real time learning has taken place, they can’t wait to head over to our online portal to complete their digital credential.

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