Have you ever wondered how your learning fits into a bigger picture?

Over here, at the Agile Change Leadership Institute, we recognise the importance of understanding the bigger picture. And because we value visual communication, we have created your learning pathway in an image so you can easily see how the learning you take up with us is part of a learning pathway.

A learning pathway is not a new concept, yet it’s an underutilised one.

Our learning pathway shows you the courses we offer, the target audiences and how many roads can take you to change leadership mastery. For example, for a change practitioner, It takes you from early career to an executive level change leader. Yet, it’s not a one size fits all. Rather, you can see the options available on one page if you are building agile change leadership capability from other domains such as general management and project management. Our pathways help you connect your plans to the bigger picture. We meet you where you are at.

Use it to:

  • Explore options – we know our brains love choice and autonomy!
  • Identify where you are at – we know everyone is at different phases in their career and capability
  • Personalise your learning path – own your capability to future-proof your skills
  • See how the capability builds and progresses through learning

What is less obvious on our learning pathways image is how our learning offerings are underpinned by careful learning design with micro-learning and practical application with workplace experiments. That’s another post for more curious ones among you!

To see all of our courses please head to our Teachable school!