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APS Bank of Malta develops an agile mindset

Aps Bank

The small but mighty APS Bank of Malta reached out early 2021 about how to build an agile mindset with 150 of their managers.

This led to a three-phase approach from Lena and Jen.

Phase One

A customised 60-minute video was created in collaboration with the APS People and Culture team. This set the scene for what was happening in the bank and what they could expect from the face-to-face training.

Phase Two

Lena and Jen facilitated a series of in-person training sessions with twenty people in each session. The content covered the core mindset shifts that apply in continuous change and agility.

Phase Three

To help embed the learnings from the in-person session, we created a customised toolkit for the managers to ‘sustain the change’. These tools were designed to equip all session participants with conversation starters and activities to train, cascade and sustain an agile mindset with their teams. This approach further embeds personal development and promotes team learning while building a common language in the business.

The People and Culture team reported that the training achieved exceptionally high satisfaction scores and there was evidence internally that there was a new way of thinking setting in!

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