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Melissa Bialoruski, a leader’s view

Melissa B

As a facilitator and leader of change with over 25 years’ experience with an Undergraduate and master’s degree in the space and other professional qualifications, I did question if I would I derive sufficient value from the time and cost investment in this program. As I delved into the content and embarked on the experiments my question was answered with gratitude for the thought-provoking questions posed and the space created to sit in some of the challenges that I had encountered over my career. The pause forced me to reflect on how I might have done things differently.

The content and experiments challenged me to look and work beyond the processes that I had traditionally and faithfully utilised in the past. The content and experiments guided me to engage with empathy the individuals and organisation around me. It taught me and enabled me to experiment with designing change from a human centred perspective that engaged the hearts and minds, codesign solutions with teams where the knowledge resided from within our business to bring better solutions to the table faster.

If you are looking for an applicable practical course to help you navigate the challenging landscapes of our everchanging businesses, then this is a great program for change or business leaders. While I have undertaken Agile programs previously this is the first, I have undertaken that has practically demonstrated how to enable Agile Change and how to build an Agile Change muscle. The bite sized learning bursts meant that I could fit this in around an already busy schedule and they soon became a treat to indulge outside of my regular day.

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