Dr Jen Frahm


    After leaving a Diploma of Teaching way back in 1988, Jen found herself back in front of the students as a University lecturer from early 2000. Having a portfolio career, Jen lectured and developed university level curriculum for eight years in the field of project management, organizational behaviour, organisational change and management (Queensland University of Technology, Monash University, University of Melbourne, and Swinbourne University).

    Outside of the university sector, Jen is a tamer of ambiguity, speaker of truths and solver of problems. She is the founder of Conversations of Change, a boutique change capability consultancy, a podcaster, a blogger and a global expert on organisational change and transformation. She has delivered across multiple industries and professions, from wine sales to wedding dresses, veterinary products to energy retailers, nuns and engineers, big banks, small IT companies, publicly listed, privately owned and non-profit organizations.

    A sought after speaker she is known for being at the frontier of agile change practice. Jen’s first book, Conversations of Change, A guide to implementing workplace change was released in July 2017. Her second Change. Leader – was published in 2021. Jen lives and works on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land.

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